Diesel Sale

Diesel Sale

Diesel JeansDiesel is a fashion design and manufacturing company which makes casual and fashionable clothing for men, women and children. Their ranges include Diesel Female, Diesel Male, Diesel Black Gold and Diesel Kid and the emphasis is on denim jeans, although the ranges do also contain other casual wear and accessories.

Diesel Embolite Fitted DressDiesel Female

Diesel Female is the womenswear collection, which sells denim jeans, lingerie, sunglasses, shoes, watches and bags. The current range of jeans has six different cuts - Grupee, a low waisted style with a super skinny leg; GetLegg, a low waisted skinny leg style; Bootzee, a bootcut style with a mid rise waist; Myguy, boyfriend jeans with a low waist; Flairlegg, regular waist jeans with a flared leg and HighKee, skinny leg jeans with a high rise waist.

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Diesel Male

Diesel Male sells denim jeans, underwear, watches, bags, jewellery, footwear and accessories for men. Their latest range of jeans are called Jogg Jeans, which are denim crossbreed prototypes which combine the traditional properties of sweat pants and jeans into one garment.

The new woven jersey fabric from which the Jogg Jeans are made is unique in the marketplace. It looks like denim on the outside - but feels like jersey jogging pants on the inside.

Diesel Kid

Diesel Kid includes the clothing for boys and girls and also the Diesel Hello Kitty Capsule collection.

Diesel Black Gold

Diesel Black Gold is a rock chic collection of menswear and womenswear which is a higher end version of Diesel's standard collections.

Diesel Spinter Mens HoodieWhat's in the Sale?

Zalando have a wide range of reduced Diesel clothing for men, women and children. All the items are delivered free to the UK, and returns are also free. When I visited, I found:

  • The Diesel Livier B Jeans, pictured top right, are jeans aged for babies, with sizes going from 0-3 months up to 12-18 months. They were reduced from £54.95 to £46.
  • The Diesel Embolite Fitted Dress, pictured above left, was reduced from £130 to £85, a saving of 35% on the original selling price.
  • The Diesel Spinter Hoodie, in red, pictured right, was reduced from £75 to £60.

Are there Diesel items on sale anywhere else?

Woodhouse Clothing has an absolutely fantastic range of mens jeans, bags, t-shirts, polo shirts and jackets reduced in the sale. Reductions tend to be 50% or more off the original selling price. At the time of writing, reduced items included:

  • Diesel Krooley 885Q Carrot Fit Jeans, in light or dark denim, which were reduced from £110 to £65
  • Diesel Larkee 886T Straight Leg Jeans, which were reduced from £120 to £72
  • Diesel Rombee 886S Carrot Fit Jeans, which were reduced from £120 to £72